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Thinking About Applying for DACA in Hawaii?

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If you have questions about whether DACA is right for you, or if you know you want to apply and just need to know how to do it, there are many resources available in Hawaii that can help.
  • Talk to hiDACA volunteers–many of whom are DACA participants–to find out more about the DACA program
  • Get help collecting the documentation you need to apply
  • Get help filling out and submitting the application forms
  • Find instructions for applying on your own
  • Find resources to help pay the $465 application fee

Get Help from hiDACA Volunteers

Complete this form to get help from hiDACA volunteers. If you are concerned about providing your full name or either your email or phone, it is not necessary...just please make sure to provide some way for us to reach you.
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Complete the Application With An Online Interview and LawHelp have created an interactive online interview that can help you determine your eligibility for DACA and, if you are eligible, it can help you complete your application forms.