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There are Many Ways You Can Help

DACA opens doors of opportunity so that young undocumented immigrants can fulfill their full potential, for themselves and our community. There are many ways you can help.
  • If you are associated with an organization that may have contact with DACA-eligible people, become a hiDACA partner and help spread the word
  • Sign up to help DACA applicants complete their applications
  • Share your DACA success story
Complete this form to get help from hiDACA volunteers. If you are concerned about providing your full name or either your email or phone, it is not necessary...just please make sure to provide some way for us to reach you.
Check the boxes to let us know what kind of help you are looking for. You may check more than one. and LawHelp have created an interactive online interview that can help you determine your eligibility for DACA and, if you are eligible, it can help you complete your application forms.