Success Stories

Being undocumented creates barriers to higher education and professional jobs that result in wasted talent. Young people and our communities as a whole suffer as a result. The DACA program is helping to open doors of opportunity.
Nearly 800,000 people successfully applied for the DACA between when it started in August 2012 to December 2014. According to surveys of DACA participation, the benefits of the program are significant:
  • 59% have obtained a new job

  • 45% increased job earnings

  • 49% opened their first bank account

  • 33% obtained their first credit card

  • 57% obtained a driver’s license

  • 21% obtained health care


Hawaii Success Stories

Beyond statistics, DACA has created life-changing opportunities for the individuals that participate in the program. Watch the video below to see what DACA has done for a few young people in Hawaii.